Vox Switch has won the “TMC Communication Solutions Product of the Year 2015” Award. With this award, the reputation of Vox Switch has reached a new high. Ever since its launch in January 2012, Vox Switch has been lauded by various Telecoms, ITSPs, ISPs, MVNOs, MVNEs and VoIP providers for its diverse capabilities.

Vox Switch software performs billing, routing, monitoring and reporting functions that are very crucial for any VoIP business. Basically, it is a carrier grade VoIP softswitch that is scalable and customizable as per the business requirements. In addition to basic functionalities, Vox Switch also offers revenue generating opportunities in the form of calling card and call shop platforms. So, it is very cost effective and robust as no extra hardware or switch is required for carrying out the additional business modules. Both calling card and call shop platforms are also available as standalone solutions if VoIP players want to capitalize on the lucrative VoIP market. Thus, Vox Switch adapts to every need of any VoIP business.

The potentiality of VoIP kept increasing with each version release as VoIP players could access to a new and robust feature set that makes their business administration very simple and effective. All the business functions can be administered through centralized web user interface which also establishes a communication link with other VoIP players down in the hierarchy.

So, what made Vox Switch a stand out from the rest of the softswitches in the VoIP industry?

  • Vox Switch has an integrated billing platform that is very robust and adaptive to any volumes of VoIP traffic. It saves nearly about 70% manual effort to process and bill the usage of the customers.
  • Advanced routing algorithms implemented in Vox Switch offers enough choice for VoIP players to cost-effectively route the calls to different destinations. VoIP players can pre-determine their profit margins with Vox Switch routing algorithms.
  • Additional business channels such as calling cards and callshops has worked much in the favor of Vox Switch as an increasing number of new players are getting started with these platforms.
  • Another important advantage of Vox Switch is its conduciveness for hassle-free migration from other softswitches. Business workflow won’t be affected as Vox Switch can intelligently process the migration following high security standards.
  • Finally, the softswitch security is something that VoIP players are very much interested as it ensures maximum protection through GUI blocking and IP, username and password authentication.

Put together, these unmatched benefits of Vox Switch whilst setting a new benchmark for softswitch standards has helped it to bag the prestigious “TMC Communications Solutions Product of the Year 2015.” Link to the announcement here.

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