Calling card business is the most lucrative VoIP business model. It doesn’t require any rocket science for calling card owners to operate the business successfully, but would surely require the right type of solution. Though the business model is similar to that of legacy telephony calling cards, VoIP based calling cards differ in their mode of operation.

A calling card can be viewed as a physical entity that bears the necessary information to make long distance or international calls at low rates from mobile devices. For leveraging VoIP, internet connection is a must for end users. But, in the case of VoIP based calling cards, end users can simply use the calling cards and make VoIP calls without the internet connection. That’s why calling cards continue to progress rapidly.

Types of Calling Cards

Before you can even start with the calling card business, you must first understand the types of calling cards. They are:

  • PIN based calling cards
  • PIN less calling cards

End users have to buy either of the calling cards to make VoIP calls. They will have to enter the access number (or DID number) from phone (fixed/mobile/softphone) and follow the IVR system. If the authentication is successful, the IVR system will prompt them to dial the destination number.

In the PIN based calling cards, PIN code will be shown on the calling card along with the access number. After entering the access number, the IVR system prompts the user to enter the PIN code. After successful authentication, the IVR prompts the user to dial the destination number. On the other hand, a PIN less calling card allows the user to directly dial the destination number, the authentication is done via ANI authorization before entering the access number.

With this understanding, you must ensure the following prerequisites for starting the calling card business:

1. Hardware Servers – Depending upon the traffic volume that your business would process, you might go for one or more servers with dedicated bandwidth.

2. Calling Card Platform – This is the most crucial component of calling card business. A robust calling card platform facilitates all important functions such as routing, billing, reporting, monitoring, unlimited PIN generation, DID management, multiple carrier management, rate management, etc. The entire calling card business operations can be monitored and managed through a centralized web user interface. The user interface provides multi-level user access so that you can resell your services. For security, the user interface can be accessed through valid username and password only.

3. International Routes Supplier – You must buy multiple routes for each destination from different route providers to ensure that VoIP traffic is terminated perfectly in a cost-effective manner. There are many A-Z termination providers available in the industry but one needs to check the quality of routes along with the pricing.

4. DID Provider – You must also obtain DIDs for different destinations from DID providers.

Once you have these prerequisites in place, you are all set to start your own calling card business in just one day.

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