Doing VoIP business is very profitable but it needs the right infrastructure for one to become successful. Securing and maintaining VoIP infrastructure is quite a pricey affair and may not be a viable option for small and new players in the VoIP industry. But, it doesn’t limit them for exploring VoIP benefits as there are other channels of conducting VoIP business although on a small scale. One such channel is the calling card reselling business.

Calling card reselling is the safest means of conducting VoIP business for small and new players. If you’re a beginner and want to join the VoIP market, then it is the best way to start your business. It doesn’t require you to cough up big money as there is no significant infrastructure required except for securing the calling cards.

How calling cards get their prominence?

It is important for you to understand the prominence of calling cards before you do its reselling business. Calling cards work just like the local cellular recharge cards that are used for adding your balance but here it’s for adding VoIP calling minutes.

In order to make a VoIP call using mobile dialer, one needs to have access to internet connection. In cases where there is no internet connection or the mobile device is not data enabled then long distance calls through VoIP is made possible through calling cards. Thus, one can make seamless IP calling even without internet connectivity with calling cards.

How do you really make money from calling cards?

The calling card reselling is very simple to manage business and offers you the opportunity to make quick money. Usually, a wholesaler provides you the rate list for different destinations. Now basing on this rate list you have to set your own rate list for your customers while choosing your profit margin. Thus, when customers are billed this aggregate amount is deducted from their account by the wholesaler leaving behind the difference amount for you. And that’s how you make profits from calling card reselling business.

However, it’s not as simple as it sounds because the wholesaler usually manages the billing functionalities through a server side application called as “Softswitch.” Through this wholesale softswitch, he manages all your customer transactions and bills them accordingly as per your rate list. So, it necessitates you to check if your wholesaler has a robust softswitch that supports billing functionality in addition to giving you the full access to the reseller panel. With the login details provided you can access the reseller panel and manage your own rate list as per your business needs. You can either go for prefix based billing or destination based billing or pulse based billing, etc., to make higher profit margins.

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