The following are some of the tips that help you better sell your mobile VoIP services.

  • Value Added Services – By offering value added services such as IM & SMS, balance transfer, astrology live, etc., you can boost up your mobile VoIP services sale. To offer these value added services you need a robust VoIP softswitch that supports IM & SMS features.

  • Intuitive Mobile VoIP App – Leverage mobile VoIP app that is intuitive and easy to operate for all age groups. The user are normally are not so tech-savvy and prefer simpler apps to get what they wanted. Make sure your mobile dialer is easy to use, navigate and rendered well on all devices.
  • Simplify Login – Most mobile VoIP apps require lengthy login process before you can get started. So, ensure a simplified login for your mobile VoIP app so that your customers can get started instantly.
  • Offers & Discounts – Promotional activities always play an important role in selling your mobile VoIP services rapidly. Announce offers & discounts for your customers on important occasions such as festivals, anniversaries and birthdays. This will not only retain your customers but improves the customer loyalty.
  • VoIP Encryption – Privacy and security are the key aspects that your customers would always want to be assured of. So, VoIP encryption is a must to avoid data leak and bypass firewalls to seamlessly terminate the calls. Use a mobile dialer with VoIP tunneling
  • Organize Free Demos – Free demonstrations will encourage new customers to experience the quality of your mobile VoIP services thereby increasing the possibility of them opting your mobile VoIP services.
  • Develop a Good Reseller Network – In order to better sell your mobile VoIP services, it is extremely important for you to setup a solid distribution network. Develop a good reseller network to penetrate deeper into your target market.
  • Maintain Quality – Last but not the least, call quality is one ultimate factor that would help you sell your mobile VoIP services better. Though the quality of mobile VoIP depends on lot of factors, but the choosing good routes to terminate the calls makes up for 80% of quality factor. The entire mobile VoIP solution becomes useless if the routes are of poor quality. Most of the business owners are tempted to go with cheap and low quality termination routes which affect their overall service quality. So it is better to have a range of termination routes in your softswitch to connect your subscribers based on their calling plans. If the user is premium subscriber then go for clear and premium routes.

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