Softswitch is a vital component for wholesale VoIP business. In order to enjoy a smooth business run, wholesale VoIP providers should consider leveraging the features and functionalities of a perfect wholesale softswitch.

A lot of VoIP solution vendors offer wholesale softswitches for a reasonable price with decent features and functionalities. So, you need not worry about find the right solution vendor. No matter whoever is the solution vendor, you should make sure that the softswitch supports routing, billing, monitoring and reporting functionalities. In case integrated billing is not supported by the softswitch, it is better not to purchase it as you have to spend extra again for sourcing a billing platform. In addition, there might be compatibility issues if billing platform is purchased separately. Thus, it’s recommended to go for a fully integrated all-in-one VoIP platform.

Key Wholesale Softswitch Functions


One of the key functions of wholesale softswitch a.k.a class 4 softswitch, routing is the process of transmitting the VoIP traffic through various destination terminations. To enjoy a profitable routing, you need to buy routes from termination providers all over the world. Having wide range of choices for route selection can help you decide your profit margins. You can make the most of routing types such as LCR (least cost routing) and percentage routing to spin more revenues for your business. Quality and price should go hand in hand to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.


As wholesale VoIP business is all about aggregation of traffic and transmitting it to retail providers, the volumes involved is very high and needs to be accounted. An efficient billing platform can generate CDRs to bill the clients accordingly. You no longer have to maintain client accounts manually as the billing platform does it for you. Thus, a fair and transparent billing can be done without the scope for erroneous billing.

Reporting & Monitoring

Both reporting and monitoring track the progress of your business. You can generate reports such as revenue report, performance report and wholesale report for due analysis and decision making. Live call monitoring will keep you informed about various calls that are taking place through the softswitch. Hence, you have a better control over your business.

All the above functions among others can be monitored and managed from a centralized web user interface of a VoIP softswitch. The interface provides multi-level user access allowing easy communication and coordination with business channels down the hierarchy.

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