It’s not just VoIP calling that’s been gaining momentum worldwide, but even quick texting tools such as IM and SMS have been on the rise from last couple of years. It can be reasoned that people are not only looking for cheaper forms of communication, but also the quicker and easier means to connect with their loved ones. That’s how instant messaging has acquired greater significance in today’s world.

IM for a more rapid communication!

The combination of Presence and IM have transformed the way rapid communication is being done today. Presence helps the user to get to know the status of other users in their contact list so that they can initiate the conversation rapidly by using IM tool. These status include on vacation, busy, available, DND, etc., which will allow the mobile user to plan his action accordingly. This will not only save his communication costs, but also helps him to keep a track on the conversations that happen through IM for future reference.

On the other hand, VoIP service providers can see a great business potential in offering IM as valued added feature. At first, they can nurture their customer base to get used to instant messaging so that customers don’t have to depend upon other communication tools for texting thereby generating business in the longer run. Also, offering IM provides a convenient option for customers to get connected instantly with their loved ones in case they are not in a position to make a VoIP call. That means service providers can always engage their customers to use VoIP services in varied circumstances of communication needs. At a later point in future, they can steadily make revenue from this value added feature as with time customers will find its significance for rapid communication.

However, in order to offer IM as value added feature and generate more business, VoIP providers have to leverage mobile VoIP application that is IM capable and also the VoIP softswitch to which this mobile app is linked should support the IM functionality. Another important criterion for offering IM service is the data security. The data transmitted through IM module of a mobile VoIP application should be encrypted so that the communication happens in a secure and safe environment.

Get started with turnkey mobile VoIP solutions!

There are many mobile VoIP applications that offer IM & SMS besides VoIP calling, so VoIP service providers should consider leveraging such mobile apps to seamlessly deliver their VoIP services. In addition, they should also ensure if their softswitch can support the IM functionality. In case, they don’t have the necessary software in place they must consider going for a turnkey mobile VoIP solution that addresses their business requirements. Even new VoIP players can get started with turnkey mobile VoIP solutions to get into the growing mobile VoIP market.

On the whole, IM is soon turning out to be a smart USP for VoIP service providers in the current fast-paced communication world.

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