Nowadays VoIP Switch has been generating huge revenue for VoIP service providers because of great demand for VoIP services. However, finding the right VoIP Switch provider has become a daunting task for VoIP service providers. Now before you could prod your mind, consider to go through the following context which will help you to find the solution.

The right VoIP softswitch provider can be gauged on various parameters and below are the key ones for immediate help.

A choice of Class 4 and Class 5 VoIP Switch depending upon your business model

If you’re looking to maintain high traffic levels for long distance calls then you should probably go for Class 4 VoIP switch. See if it covers features such as billing, transcoding, protocol support and conversion among others. On the other hand Class 5 VoIP Switch offers dial tone, IVR functionalities, local switching and network access in addition to the features provided by Class 4 VoIP Switch. So, your solution provider should be able to assess your business needs and suggest either one.

Managing modules to easily manage the whole system on data enabled devices

Managing modules that allow you to create unlimited number of end users and control their payments. These modules should be made accessible through a browser on your PC, Smartphone or Tablet. So, securing such control modules will give you command on the whole network system.

VoIP Switch with integrated billing functionality to boost your savings

With integrated billing functionality, you can perform extensive VoIP billing operations for your end users. You need not have to worry about securing separate billing module which can add up your overall solution cost. Additionally, you can create own rate plans and tariff plans to suit your customers.

Provision of additional modules to offer you extra means to grow revenue  

Depending upon your choice whether you’re willing to offer calling cards or planning to open a call shop, your VoIP solution provider should be able to configure these modules for your VoIP business through VoIP Switch. This will allow you to expand your business and seize the market opportunity based on the demand.

Easy hosted solution offering to reduce the infrastructure investment

Much of the investment in VoIP business goes in the form infrastructure and maintenance costs around VoIP Switch. So, your solution provider should be able to support hosted solutions for your business so that you can strictly focus on your business. In case, your business encounters any technical issues, solution provider will be taking full responsibility to fix them at the earliest.

The above mentioned parameters are few of the many that would help you decide the right VoIP switch provider.

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