VoIP technology has become a sensation across the globe with more and more countries getting access to high-quality internet connection. VoIP technology needs internet connection to allow VoIP service providers deliver pioneering services to their end users.  Though initially mobile operators were averse to the idea of VoIP given the fact it would cut their profits, but slowly they realized that it’s the quality communication and customer satisfaction that’s the need of the hour.

On the other hand, VoIP service providers are in great demand as majority of the customers equipped with smartphones are opting for VoIP related services. With growing demand, the task to manage switching, routing, billing and reporting has become tedious and time consuming. This has been overloading the softswitch inviting unnecessary problems and maintenance costs. Thus, providers have been largely unsuccessful so far in exploring the demand that’s right before them.

To overcome all such problems and stay afloat in the competition, service providers have to adopt latest VoIP softswitches which serves as an all-in-one integrated platform for switching, routing, billing and reporting. This article will help you to trace all such features of latest VoIP softswitch that can boost your capabilities as a service provider.

Hassle Free MigrationNot all softswitches will allow this facility to migrate from one softswitch to another. Fortunately, some of the latest softswitches do have this facility which allows you to migrate without impacting your business productivity. Migration would be carried out in a secure business environment. Thus, this is one of the things you need to factor in while selecting a new softswitch.

Integrated Billing This is another crucial element in the selection of softswitch. Having integrated billing will avoid unnecessary expenditure to secure separate billing module. Also, as everything is integrated on a single platform, the overall efficiency of the softswitch increases.  Further, providers can perform billing under various tariffs ensuring fair and transparent billing for customers. With right billing solution in place, you need not worry about the volume of billing that need to be done in the backdrop of growing customers for your business.

User ManagementThe efficiency of your business lies in the ability to easily manage your users. Be it a reseller, sub reseller, agent or a subscriber, you need to have a mechanism to track their activities. Latest VoIP softswitches come up with centrally managed web portals that provide multi-level user logins. Each user depending upon his access privileges can perform a variety of actions which will be directly controlled by the parent user i.e., service provider.  At any given point of time, users can pull reports and cross-check their activities. Thus, user management plays a crucial role in managing user activities.

Advanced Routing AlgorithmsThis feature is directly linked to the revenue making capabilities of your business. The advanced routing algorithms of softswitch allow you to route calls based on your preferences such as dial plan, default routing, percentage routing and LCR routing.  These combinations help you to amass greater profit margins while providing engaging VoIP communication experience to your end users.

These are the defining features which can benefit your VoIP business immensely when combined with other regular features of softswitch.

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