For long, people have been relying on traditional callshops for their long distance communication needs. However, with the advent of VoIP, callshops based out of VoIP has become the latest trend completely overtaking the traditional callshops. As a result, end users can now enjoy long distance and international calls at low rates while still enjoying the crystal clear voice clarity. Identifying the potential of VoIP callshop platform, many service providers have started rooting for it to make some quick money.

A typical VoIP callshop enables service provider to manage multiple callshop networks from a single account. It, therefore is a low investment business in places where there is low mobile phone penetration or limited home phone service. A service provider can leverage the VoIP callshop platform to create multiple callshops with numerous booths from a single account using a centralized web user interface. Rates can be defined as per the destination and available carriers for routing the traffic.  Invoice can be generated as per the usage and end users can be billed accordingly. Furthermore, service providers can offer services on prepaid and postpaid basis.

Existing callshop operators can switch to VoIP callshop to attract more customers and maximize revenue generation. Internet cafes can extend their range of services to invite more traffic. ITSPs and carriers can provide hosted services to callshops/internet cafes.

Mobile VoIP Apps as End-User Hardware

If callshop platform forms the central component of callshop business, an equal weightage is given to the end-user hardware. Usually, SIP/VoIP phones and PC softphones are preferred the most in VoIP callshops. But, given the latest boom in mobility, an increasing number of callshops are tending to leverage mobile VoIP applications for making long distance calls. Also, the simplicity and flexibility of using the mobile VoIP applications has further boosted its significance for VoIP callshops.

An end-to-end callshop platform provider delivers mobile VoIP applications that can be easily deployed across a range of devices for quick use. The overall infrastructure costs involved in this type of setup is very low with high ROI. In addition, if service provider request for additional security, voice encryption can be done for secure VoIP communication.

For new VoIP players, VoIP callshop platforms leveraging mobile VoIP applications is a safer bet to make high margins at low risks.

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