Role of Least Cost Routing for a Profitable VoIP Business

Before we discuss about the role of least cost routing for a profitable VoIP business, it is important to understand the basic role of routing in VoIP business. Routing is the process of transmitting VoIP traffic from one destination to another. To establish a successful VoIP business, routing plays a vital role as it is an outright indicator of how effectively you can terminate the calls in different destinations. In doing so, you will have to interconnect with various PSTN termination providers. 1522Read more

Is yours a Class 4 Softswitch or Class 5 Softswitch? Why can’t be a bit of both?

For any VoIP business, softswitch forms a central component for accomplishing a variety of business operations. So, the significance attached to the selection of softswitch is very high. Depending upon the nature of your VoIP business, you many either opt a class 4 softswitch or class 5 softswitch. Wondering what is a class 4 or class 5 softswitch? Read on to understand the key differentiators between class 4 and class 5 softswitch. 1519Read more

Top Things to Consider before Buying a Wholesale Softswitch

For running a wholesale VoIP business, wholesale Softswitch is a must for VoIP operators. Usually, wholesale VoIP business deals with the aggregation of traffic and exchanging them between VoIP operators. Both traffic suppliers and clients form, the integral part of this business. Keeping these things in mind, one can simply think of the prominence a wholesale Softswitch has in a VoIP wholesale business. 1512Read more

Things to Consider Before Starting A VoIP Calling Card Business

Starting your own VoIP calling card business is easy and profitable if you consider the following things. Have a stable and reliable setup You should have a stable and reliable setup so that the technical side of your calling card business runs smoothly. Choose equipment and service providers who are popular in the industry and has built reputation over the years. Don’t make a mistake of choosing a service provider based on low cost as it might not serve your purpose in the end. Evaluate your requirements and sign up with the service…Read more

How to Get Started with VoIP Reselling Business?

In the entire VoIP business process, the role played by resellers is of paramount importance. They are the ones who ensure seamless transmission of VoIP services from providers to end users. And their role is only getting bigger and bigger with global adoption of VoIP technology. This has resulted in a huge surge in the number of entrepreneurs taking up the VoIP reseller business. In view of this, it is important to understand inside out of VoIP reseller business before really taking it up. 1503Read more

Tips to Better Sell Your Mobile VoIP Services

The following are some of the tips that help you better sell your mobile VoIP services. Value Added Services – By offering value added services such as IM & SMS, balance transfer, astrology live, etc., you can boost up your mobile VoIP services sale. To offer these value added services you need a robust VoIP softswitch that supports IM & SMS features. 1495Read more

VoIP Business Ideas – Calling Cards or Call Shop?

Both calling cards and call shop business are part of VoIP business that have the potential to generate great revenues. Both businesses can be run on a single platform provided your softswitch supports them. Alternatively, they can be sourced as standalone business platforms based on your business requirements. However, the intended purpose of both the business models remains the same – deliver cost-effective VoIP services to customers. 1484Read more

Why Quality & Security is Important in Softswitch?

A softswitch is the central component of any VoIP business network. Business critical functions such as routing, billing, monitoring and reporting are undertaken by VoIP softswitch. So, how well these functions are facilitated by softswitch is what defines a successful VoIP business. Thus, quality and security are given much emphasis while selecting a softswitch. 1481Read more

Why VoIP Tunneling & Encryption is a Must for VoIP Business?

Leveraging VoIP for cost-effective communication has been receiving a bigger push in the recent past with many aspiring small entrepreneurs are joining the race. However, security and mobile data consumption become the major concerns in delivering services effectively operators. The voice should be transmitted from mobile VoIP application to VoIP softswitch by consuming as much less mobile data as possible. Also they have to ensure that the data is transmitted securely over the internet to the desired destination. Any breach in the transmission due to hacking, malware and other cyber-attacks will result in…Read more