What is a Call Shop?

A Call shops is a physical location where people can go and make cheap international calls.  They are similar to public telephone booths but are mostly found in places where fixed telephony is not available. Usually Hostels, Libraries, Universities, Internet Café, Parks, etc., are fitted with call shop facility.

Call shops form the cheapest means to stay connected with people from any part of the world.  It can be of great help to those who are devoid of VoIP calling services or calling cards.

How it functions?

Call shop software allows administrators to fully manage it through a comprehensive web interface.  Admins can create several virtual booths i.e., VoIP accounts under the main call shop account. These booths can be then allotted to individual customers for making long distance calls. All booths have PCs with PC dialer application installed or IP phones through which a customer can make calls. After the call is hung up, he can proceed to the bill counter to pay cash. It therefore is a simple and reliable means of VoIP communication.

Features & Benefits

  • No hidden costs
  • High call quality
  • Competitive pricing
  • Easy to use

Business Angle

From the business point of view, it is very easy to set up Call Shops with so many call shop software available in the market. Call shop software allows you to set up your own retail locations so that customers can visit and enjoy making long distance calls. They can either pre-pay or post-pay to make calls. However, based on the density of customers you have to choose the right call shop software. Interestingly, most VoIP switches have this facility inherently that allows admins/owners to manage billing/reporting/pricing features.

Call shops can be a boon for new players in the VoIP industry as it forms a safer and reliable option for them to get started offering VoIP services. They need not worry about huge investments and maintenance as they can choose from a range of call shop packages available within VoIP softswitch from various VoIP service providers. Even internet cafes can benefit hugely by setting up call shops as they can attract larger audience by offering additional services with their existing infrastructure. They can make a good use of pricing strategy to stay competitive.

Finally, traditional PSTN call shop owners can also look up to the VoIP version of call shops to reduce costs and boost profits. After all, it is a win-win situation to both businesses and end users.

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  1. Angel Reply

    I run a barber shop which i want to add a call shop to,base of 90% of client are immigrate like Me

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