The technology of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol has brought a revolution in massive proportion in the telecommunication industry. Through this unique platform, voice signal communications are converted to secure data packets that travel over the web to the desired destination. The technology has brought down the cost of long-distance calls to a fraction of what they used to cost before.

In the VoIP industry, the softswitch is regarded as the most dynamic tool that plays the most crucial role in connecting and routing calls, account and billing management as well as invoice generation. If you are a newbie in the industry or even contemplating starting a VoIP business, the first thing you have to do is to rent or buy any VoIP Softswitch Solution. The softswitches are the core of any VoIP businesses with advanced functionalities like routing, collection, switching, transcoding and billing, all integrated in the same platform.

What is a softswitch basically?

Softswitch is the most important and centrally located device in the calling network. The main job of softswitches is to connect single or multiple calls from the destination number to others. Until a few years ago, when the VoIP technology was still emerging, this job was carried out through hardwares and physical routing switches.

For a VoIP provider, there are numerous advantages that softswitch can offer. In a nutshell, it can fetch you more business through advanced features like call routing and billing management. You can cut down cost significantly with the in-built billing software and provide your customers a very positive and quality experience.

Advantages of a VoIP Softswitch for VoIP Providers

In any VoIP business, the VoIP softswitch is the most crucial device that you need to have. It plays major role in connecting and routing call. Apart from the basic features, softswitches comes with additional functionalities that make the job easier for VoIP providers in ways more than one. Providing advanced solutions for the VoIP industry, softswitch is more than just a software!

  • You can get rid of those physical switchboards!

Instead of the old switchboards that used to look no-so-cool, the modern day VoIP softswitches are mere software that can be easily installed in the server without any setup hassle. After that, you can automatically assign and route calls with the softswitch application instead of connecting each call manually.

  • Bring down your cost significantly

When you have your own softswitch or host it at a third party server, the operational costs come down significantly. There is no need of investing in expensive hardwares or employ operators to manually connect and route calls.

  • Easy to use and user friendly interface

All the basic functionalities can be navigated through a self-explanatory and user-friendly interface.  This way the VoIP business is operated in the most convenient way possible.

  • Inbuilt billing software to speed up the process and make your business fast and flawless

This is the most important functionality of the softswitch along with the basic features. With the software, you can generate bills and invoices with 100% accuracy and precision which would not have been possible otherwise. Based on the calls, the bills are generated automatically saving time, energy and money.

  • Lends your business more flexibility and scalability

With options like managed and hosted softswitch, the business providers can pick the service that is best suited for them. They can own their server or host it a third party server operating straight from there. Depending on what’s best suited for them, they can look into other aspects of the VoIP business like expansion.

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